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Integration of SEO with PPC Marketing Campaigns

For all those aware of the various online marketing techniques, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not an alien term.  For the uninitiated, SEO is a procedure that involves using various techniques to increase the online visibility of your website, especially concerning search engines.  The main job of any SEO procedure is to increase the number of clicks, or hits, to your website.  This is achieved by directing online traffic towards your website with a few simple tools. Many SEO tools will guide you towards anSEO optimized website.  However, the most commonly used SEO tools are: keyword research, keyword optimization and...

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How To Get More Traffic… Really!

There are about a zillion companies promising to get you more traffic. They’ll take your money and, indeed, you’ll find your traffic spiking through the roof. There are a variety of tactics these companies use to drive this traffic to your site, but the question for any Internet business is not how many visitors you get, but how many sales. The traffic provided by these companies is usually not the sort that will earn you many sales at all, because the visitors you get weren’t looking for your product or information on their own. These companies use tactics just to...


Introduction to Key Search Ranking Factors

You have recently started your own website and would like to increase or generate more web traffic.  Perplexed how to go about it?  You might try a Professional SEO Consultant. You may have come across Key Search Ranking in one of their SEO articles, or in an Internet search for information.  If this keeps you wondering, let me introduce you to some factors of Key search ranking.  Key search ranking is an important concept in the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Key search ranking of your website implies the reputation and value that it provides to the user.  The appeal...


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The future of search engine optimization is seriously in doubt today.  Search engine administrators hate the practice, and usually rightfully so.  The vast majority of search engine optimizers today are, in effect, trying to “trick” the engines for first place on search engine results pages, and that goes directly against what the search engines want. So, what do the search engines want, and more important, why?  Search engines want relevant and high-quality information to show up to anyone using their searching service.  However, their customers aren’t really the huge numbers of people that use those services to find websites.  Instead,...

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Using Keywords in Search Engine Marketing

SEO was unknown not too long ago. It used to be that when you wanted to earn via the Internet, all you had to do was create and publish a website, whether a real site or a blog. Oh, at its inception, blogging was not common, and sites on the Internet usually contained advertisements for goods for sale as well as articles for general knowledge. . As the Net grew, the methods by which one could earn grew proportionately. One current method is direct advertising, much like that done on radio and television. Here, articles directly refer to websites, or...

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