More than selling a web presence, online marketing combines copywriting, SEO, social media, content creation and more.

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Social Media Marketing: Four Reasons to Join the Revolution

With television commercials validating the importance of online social media portals like Twitter and Facebook, the battle for domination in the social media marketing arena is leaving many feeling confused and dazed. After all, as the language of the Tweet-osphere cuts communications to 140 characters or less, it also add a unique brand of instant marketing spoken only by the Tweeple of Twitter.

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SEO Techniques: Does Any Optimizer Really Know What To Do?

Everybody knows that search engines no longer care about meta descriptions. Everybody knows that header tags don’t matter. Everybody knows that there has to be a 5.6% keyword density in written content. What else does everybody know? And who the heck is “Everybody”? Most people visiting this blog are looking for a “how-to”. They’re trying to answer questions like “how do I get my site to rank” or “what am I doing wrong”. In fact, about 90% of our clients come to us because they don’t know what SEO is or how to do it. However, what they’ve also probably...

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Social Overload

Social Media Marketing: Top Five Best Time Investments

The first rule of any good marketing campaign is “go where the people gather!” Although this marketing strategy is certainly not an epiphany, the onset of the new frontier of marketing encompassing social media and networking has added confusing complexity to the old game of marketing. With new social media networks virtually popping up on every street corner, every business owner realizes that time equals money in the game of social media marketing.

Google Goals

Your Website Code May Not Be As Clean As You Think

Editors update: March, 13th, 2010 True story: About two weeks ago, I came across a website that listed top SEO companies – well-known SEO companies at that. The website had used a site validator to see how clean the top SEOs’ site codes were. I stared in shock and then started gloating. Several of the top name SEO companies had more errors than you could shake a stick at – and these people are supposed to know how to optimize website code. Further down on the page were other big name websites, such as the BBC, with just as many errors. Horror...

Google SEO

The Cost of Optimization – Time Equals Money

Lately, I’ve noticed an increasing amount of questions about SEO.  Not “What is SEO”? but, more specific questions about the practice and providers.  A surprising number of people have misconceptions about what an SEO provider does, and many of these questions deal with the cost, the time, what’s involved and the results.  The main question, as with most products and services, is “What’s it cost?” As anyone who has started the optimization “process” already knows, search engine optimization is not an instantaneous thing.  While it’d be nice to think that you can dip into your source code, slap a couple...

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