More than selling a web presence, online marketing combines copywriting, SEO, social media, content creation and more.

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What’s This On-Page Optimization Stuff?

If you’ve been researching SEO, reading different articles about it and learning the “tricks of the trade”, you’ve probably run across the terms “on page” and “off page” optimization countless times. What you may not know is what the terms mean or how to do them. Here’s a little insight. On-Page SEO – This deals with just your website. If someone mentions on-page optimization, they’re talking about your code and your content. Off-page SEO – Everything else. If you’re building your own campaign or hiring a SEO company, on page optimization is the first place to start. It is essential...

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Lean Measures

LEAN Measures for Small Business Marketing in a Recession

“In a McGraw-Hill study of 600 companies from 1980 to 1985, those that didn’t cut their marketing budgets during the 1981-82 recessions had significantly higher sales after the recession ended. In fact, they had sales that were 256% higher than those that aggressively chopped marketing expenditures.” As the economy takes more turns faster than a roller coaster, most small businesses are struggling to find the best ways to save money. The first inclination of many small business owners is to completely cut out their marketing efforts. Instead of saving money, cutting marketing expenditures costs companies valuable sales, exposure in the...

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Content is King… But What’s Content?

Content – everybody wants it. SEOs that write blogs and articles on optimization push for it. Google says ranking is all about good, relevant, engaging content. So you think, “Sure. I can do that.” You start writing (or hire someone to write) pages upon pages of content, put it up on your site and wait for traffic to come rolling in… and nothing happens. What gives? How come it’s not working? Is everyone full of it? Do we, as SEO service providers, not understand what the people and search engines really want? Most importantly, is content REALLY king? Yes… yes it...

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Organic SEO and Tracking Your Social Networks

It’s well into 2010. By now, we are all aware of what SEO means and what it can do for your business. As a small business, especially if you have less than ten employees, you need to learn the terms, embrace social network sites and learn your market. Just in case you’re not familiar with the term “organic SEO” we have a few articles written on the topic. In simple term it’s the process of driving traffic to a website through organic or natural means. This term is also used to differentiate it from marketing by paid inclusion PPC. The...

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