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Grab Your Share

Grabbing Your Fair Catch of the Social Networking Market

In 2010, many of the “Big Boys” will be spending the same or less on their paid placements in the search engine results. Bad News for Google, Yahoo, AOL and Bing, but equally bad news for small business owners who have skipped out on paying for ads from the beginning. Why is it bad news? Because the “big boys” (i.e big companies) are redoubling their social marketing efforts and pouring big bucks into SEO, potentially drowning out the less well funded competition. Don’t start breaking a sweat and hanging an html “Going Out of Business” sign on your website just...

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Google World

The Path to Google’s World Domination Is Covered In Free Applications

A few weeks ago, we published a blog about some of Google's newest applications; a few days ago, we published a blog on Google's Personalized and Real Time Searches. Now, as optimizers, we often pay more attention to things that effect how we do SEO instead of what else is going on. However, we came across a video link that was a little amusing and a lot shocking. Google World Domination is based around a prediction that Google will run the world by 2014. There’s even a countdown to “doomsday”. When you read the page and watch the video, it...

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Be Social

10 Reasons You Should Join Social Networks in 2010

Everyday around the world, more and more people are joining social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Technorati etc… My question is why? It has been said that if you continue to do what you have always done, you are going to get what you’ve always been getting. In other words, you need to change business strategies and marketing campaigns to adapt with the times. Darwin once said that it is not the fittest of the species that survive but the ones that are most adaptive to change. Let’s take a tip from him and apply it to marketing through social media...

How To Compete In The Blog World

So, you have your own blog now…you’ve been updating it regularly, but you’re still not generating the traffic or the responses you want. Why not? Well, there can be a number of reasons why you are not getting the desired results from your blog. Let me assure you that we all have that problem, unless, of course, you are Mashable or Guy Kawasaki. Then people will read it just by virtue of the name. This article, however, isn’t for guys like them; it’s for the rest of the blogosphere trying to build a name. Knowing what it takes to make your...

Dead End Sign

Google Takes Over – Search on Their Terms, Not Yours

Two big things have hit the search engine streets from Google’s front door that may change the history of how we get our search results forever – and that’s not an exaggeration. Change #1: It was December 4th, 2009, at precisely 3:01 PM. The day had been going nicely, optimizers going about the business of getting clients into the top rankings. It was peaceful, it was quiet; it was a normal business day. Until Google stepped in. “Hey you guys,” Google says, “I have this great idea. You remember personalized search?” Everybody allowed as how, yes they had heard of personalized search and,...

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