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SEO Simplified II: How Does Organic SEO Work?

In part one of “SEO Simplified”, we talked about the differences between forced and organic SEO.  Never mind the differences, though - how does it work?  What makes it better than any other approach? Firstly, it’s user-based, not search engine based.  This is the biggest difference, and what makes all the difference.  A user-based website should be built for: Convenience – How convenient is your website?  Do people have to hunt for links and information? Simplicity – Did you get all complicated while setting your site up?  Did you over design your shopping cart button, thinking it’d be neat?  If...

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SEO Simplified: Forced vs. Organic SEO

>Part of an optimization specialist’s job is to pay attention to search trends.  Lately, I’ve noticed a rise in interest about organic SEO.  It seems the general public is catching on to the fact that there are two kinds: “forced” and “organic”.  What’s the difference?  What’s organic SEO all about?  Why can’t it just be optimization?  Here’s the skinny:

Kids- You Can’t Stop What’s Coming

In the 1940s, a creative man in his early forties helped create the most devastating byproduct of human inventiveness.  When this invention was first tested, he said, “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”  Although this man didn’t regret his part in the invention, he did worry – continually – about the affect on humanity and society.  His name, if you haven’t guessed, was J. Robert Oppenheimer, known as the father of the Atomic Bomb. How does this relate to the topic?  Have patience, readers, and read on… We spend a lot of time surfing the Net, reading blogs...

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SEM vs SEO: Clarification Needed

The clarification of SEM vs SEO is pretty simple. Yet, for some reason and for many people, it is still very much needed. For example, just recently I read a top SEM guy equate the two. And there I was, thinking that he, of all people, should get it. But I guess not. I guess there is still uncertainty about what each one is and whether or not they are interchangeable terms. So I would like to clarify. Maybe it really isn’t necessary, but here we go. Simply put: SEM and SEO are NOT the same thing. They are not...

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Step Right Up: Get Your Free Market Research Here!

Each year, many companies venture out into the business world without the most important piece of ammunition for their success:  market research.  While clouded by the dual belief that market research is needed for companies intending to earn business through cold calls or market research is too expensive for the average company, the failure to properly understand your market segmentation can lead to costly errors and loss of potential sales.  In many cases, companies proceed into deep level development of new products or services without knowing if the market will support their cost structure or pricing strategy. Some of the...

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