In this section please keep in mind these articles are all someone’s opinions, and we all know they are a dime a dozen. Everyone has one, and everyone is entitled to their own. However, that doesn’t mean that all opinions are created equal. Some opinions are based on facts, while others are based on emotions. And sometimes, opinions are deliberately misleading.

It’s important to be aware of the author’s purpose and choice of language when evaluating an opinion. Just because someone has an opinion doesn’t mean it’s worth taking seriously.

Opinions are often thrown around without any evidence to support them. Theories and personal accounts are often mistaken for facts when they’re really just someone’s opinion. So before you take someone’s opinion at face value, make sure you know what you’re dealing with.


You Think You Can, But You Just CAN’T, Nemo!

I realize it’s been a while since our last rant on anything. Lucky for us, I happen to have one all ready to go. It’s been stewing for quite awhile (since last Thursday), running around in my head and gathering more fuel for the fire. To be honest, I’m glad I’ve planned the post for today – it gave me the weekend to reread, look it over, and clean up the cuss words. 😛

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Egypt Revolution

Digital Culture: The Freedom to Use Reason

The “Digital Revolution” is the title given to the greatest economic, social, political global movement the world has ever known. It’s changed the way we think; the way we socialize – the way we act. You’ll get different “how it started” stories depending on who you talk to and when. I have a personal theory, however, that the Digital Revolution is simply a step in an ongoing Age of Enlightenment.

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