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Social Media Engagement 101: How To Help Increase Your Follower Interaction

Social media has become a powerful platform to advertise and interact with your customers and clients on a more convenient and personal level. While it’s easy to setup your social media accounts and begin gaining followers, it’s may not be easy to gain the follower engagement from your posts that you’d like. If you find not many people are liking and sharing your posts, then this article will give you the key tips on how to increase your follower interaction for a much more successful social media presence. Let’s get started.

Tips For Follower Interaction On Social Media

1. Become More Visually Stimulating

Social media is full of comments, tweets, and other messages, however without visual stimulation in your posts it can be hard to engage your followers enough for them to like and share. This is where you need to be more visually stimulating. Some key things to remember when you want to improve visual stimulation in your social media posts are:

  • Use high quality, bright and interesting images that highlight your post and that’s relevant to what you’re saying.
  • Incorporate videos that have a purpose to your post if you want to share something that you find interesting, shocking, or funny.
  • Include infographics to help get your point across if you’re trying to show people facts.
  • Memes are fun and can provide a fun way for your audience to take a break from the heaviness and stress of their day. Finding and posting funny memes are a great way to increase follower interaction.
  • If you’re trying to show something in steps or teach something, don’t be afraid to incorporate screenshots into your social media posts for more likes.

Visual stimulation is important when trying to improve your social media interaction. With so many posts to compete with, you’ll have a better chance by adding some colour to your posts.

Triggering emotions in social media marketing

2. Trigger Emotional Responses

Emotions are what drives people to interact with your posts on social media. But how do you trigger appropriate responses from your audience. Here’s some tips how you can do this.

Triggering Happiness

Happiness is one of the best emotions to trigger and can really help to give you the follower interaction you may be trying to gain. To trigger happiness, you can try:

  • Sharing happy stories that have a happy overall feel to them.
  • Share jokes of the day that are funny.
  • Share comments and questions that are random but aren’t too personal.
  • Share contests or giveaways for people to join in on.
  • Give away free items to people who comment, share and like.

Happiness is a great emotion to trigger, so why not try including the above into your posts?

Triggering Happiness with Ellen DeGeneres

Triggering Passionate Anger

Passionate anger is simply when you’re passionate about something. You’ll find that charity organizations do this a lot when they’re trying to get people to donate. When triggering passionate anger here some things to think about:

  • Choose something that you’re passionate about and that you feel needs bringing attention too. For example: animal cruelty, looking after seniors better, domestic violence etc.
  • Share relevant posts and not too graphic images of a cause you’re passionate about and tell people why you are passionate about it.
  • If you have people who disagree with you, don’t get angry with them. Instead, respect their views on the subject as this will show to other followers that you’re a good person.
  • Always create a solution to your post. For example; if you share a post about animal cruelty, add that you’ll be donating or volunteering your time to help improve the welfare of your cause.

When people share the same interests as you and have the same feeling about a cause you can help to improve your follower interaction greatly when honing in on that passion.

Triggering Passionate Anger - Social Media Marketing

3. Show Personality and Engage
If you want people to engage with your post you need to show personality and engage as well. In other words, to gain interaction you should also interact yourself. Some ways of interacting with your followers is by:

  • Checking out their social media profiles and commenting on their shared posts if you’re able to.
  • Respond to any comments that your posts get. The more you respond, the more responses you’ll gain.
  • Share content from other people’s posts that you follow and comment on those.
  • Ask random questions about your follower’s day or if they’re looking forward to the weekend.
  • Share hobbies and other things you like so they get to see more of the real you behind the company or brand name.

It’s important to remember that social media is all about personality and engaging with others. If you don’t make the effort, then why should you expect your followers to?

Social Media Engagement


When it comes to increasing your social media engagement and interaction, these are just some of the sure-fire ways you can help to improve your social media interaction for the better. Whether you’re a company, a blogger, or just a social person who wants some more friends, you’ll find be able to really improve you overall social media presence for the better. So, are you going to try any of these IO Zoom tips?

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