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Top 10 Content Auditing Tools

Content auditing tools are today’s answer for completely auditing a website to make sure its performance is on par. Here’s a list of 10 content auditing tools that you should never leave home without.

When you write content, its main purpose is to be effective. However, effective content is relevant only with respect to key performance indicators. These indicators help businesses to stay focused and aligned with the organization’s business goals. Also, you’ll need to conduct periodic audits of your content to make sure it’s performing as planned. Content auditing tools are today’s answer for completely auditing a website to make sure its performance is on par. Here’s a list of 10 content auditing tools that you should never leave home without.

  1. SEOptimer is a free auditing tool that enables an instant report on website errors within seconds. It’s a Google Chrome extension and offers a report in PDF format. You can update tasks and strategies in real time.
  1. Screaming Frog gives a detailed analysis of your website and provides marketers with lots of insights and information such as response time, anchor text, meta descriptions, and much more.
  1. Marketing Grader, founded by HubSpot, has a powerful feature that includes a website summary that analyzes the entire website. It analyzes social media footprints, the website blog, SEO, lead generation, and more.
  1. SEO Site Checkup enables marketers to analyze semantic, web, social media, SEO issues that pose common problems, server security, and mobile usability to name a few. The tool also offers recommendations to correct areas of failure. It also enables 45 different checks that cover six categories.
  1. SiteAnalyzer tests website effectiveness through 50 different parameters. It immediately identifies any problems that need fixing. You can view website technical mistakes in real time and receive an overall score based on an in-depth analysis.
  1. Woo Rank offers both a free and paid version. You can monitor relevant information for all your website’s top pages and download the results in PDF format. The paid version allows you to generate a host of audit reports. This tool is effective for both website owners and large SEO enterprises.
  1. SEO Report Card works in seconds to give marketers a quick look at how well their website is operating. Analyze links, rank, current indexing, website accessibility, and more. It also provides an excellent and useful summary of your most important website elements.
  1. DeepCrawl offers lots of flexibility with in-depth reporting. It can also deliver reports on competitor websites regarding content, social media footprints, site structure, and more. Marketers can also manage teams directly from the program. It also keeps track of how well your website has performed over time.
  1. Google Analytics is a favorite for many marketers. Its data helps marketers to better understand their customers’ behavior such as time spent on a page and the popularity of posts. Marketers learn where changes need to be made, and what pages are working. Many think it ranks as one the most valuable tools a marketer can use.
  1. Alexa Site Audit is reliable for helping marketers find website technical problems. It also enables keyword suggestions, and creates backlink reports derived from Alexa data.

These are all great tools to analyze content. Just keep in mind that there is no substitution for the human eye. Read your own content to make sure it’s relative, highly informative, and useful to your customers. Then, have someone else read it. Stay on topic and make sure it’s consistent across all your media platforms.

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