Traffic Boosters for Your Blog

Don’t let your efforts go to waste. Invest in the right traffic boosters to make the most of this opportunity.

So you are a regular blogger and you come up with the most interesting topics every time you decide to write, but for some reason you can’t seem to attract the right kind of blog traffic. Confused?

It’s probably a dilemma faced by most bloggers here! Don’t let your efforts go to waste. Invest in the right traffic boosters to make the most of this opportunity. Here are a few handy techniques (What Works and What Doesn’t) or as we like to call them, traffic boosters for your blog.

Create Interesting, Compelling and Shareable Content

Experiment with the design and layout of your content. For one thing, these days the trend of infographics and videos is at an all time high. Why? Because it helps you communicate a thousand-word essay in just a glimpse. What’s more; it has far greater chances of being shared virally than most other forms of content. Give it a try – it might be the only thing that’s missing in your content creation efforts.

This, however, doesn’t intend to suggest that traditional content doesn’t work at all! It merely aims to highlight that you need to innovate and be creative in order to keep your readers’ attention. If everyone’s doing it, it might as well be worth giving it a try!

Social Shares

Social Shares

Never underestimate the power of social media. Share your blog updates on your Facebook and Twitter profiles (and other social networking sites if you use them). Add in a lucrative start to attract readers’ attention. Use the right hash tags – like #sharethis – to communicate what you want your readers to do.

Share your blogs multiple times if you have to, especially if you are making a reference to a previous post. Encourage your peers to provide feedback and suggestions for your content – and learn to differentiate between worthy feedback and pointless criticism. Engage the audience that you easily can – it’ll help you reach out to greater audiences!

Get Your Blog Listed

Every reader may not necessarily be interested to read about the things you discuss in your blogs. To make sure your blog remains relevant to your web traffic, it is a good idea to get your blog listed in the specific niche you work with. In the long run, it helps you streamline the web traffic in a way that helps you generate quality leads and enjoy high conversion rates.

Collaboration Works

Collaboration Helps

Interact with fellow bloggers who are working with the same topics as you. Invite them to your blog and encourage them to provide their feedback. It helps you get acknowledged with the right target audiences. Get acquainted with their writing styles and observe how they are able to attract web traffic. It’ll help you improve your blog as well.

Another way to do so is this; encourage other bloggers to collaborate with you on your blogs in the form of guest posts. In return, you’d be expected to do the same for them. This does not only help generate quality discussions and information exchange; it also helps in getting recognized with likeminded individuals.

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