Google’s Progress Towards World Domination – Getting Closer…

//Google’s Progress Towards World Domination – Getting Closer…
Google Devil

Google World Domination

Back in January 2010, we published “The Path to Google’s World Domination Is Covered in Free Applications”. Truth be told, it was simple curiosity leading us to write the post: “Google World Domination

is based around a prediction that Google will run the world by 2014. There’s even a countdown to “doomsday”. When you read the page and watch the video, it seems like a conspiracy theory. We wanted to see where it was going and started clicking links.”

Recently, Google acquired Motorola Mobility – Motorola’s Mobile Devices division until January 2011. Of course, there’s a big paragraph at the bottom full of legalize about “forward-looking statements” in true Google CYA manner.

Anyway, this acquisition once again caught our attention. –And, once again, we decided to delve into the path of Google’s world domination. How close are they getting? What do they own now? What’s changed?

Google Is a BIG Company

Google World Domination

Google World Domination

At the time of this writing, Google Inc. (GOOG) stock closed at $563.77 per share. That’s more than Apple (AAPL), at $376.99, and definitely more than Microsoft (MSFT), which closed at $25.10.

Among a huge list of other things, Google owns:


Googleville seriously, here it is

As if that wasn’t enough, Google also provides services to the U.S. Government, such as a souped up Google Earth contracted to the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (built by the CIA and Defense Department). In fact, they’ve been in the government contracts business since 2009/2010.

Investments and Acquisitions – Google Pies

How many pies does Google have its fingers in? How many investments have they made? Since the beginning of 2001, Google has either bought or invested in over 100 services, companies and divisions.

For example, Android Inc was originally the brainchild of Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick Sears andChris White. Google liked the look of the operating system and brought it into the fold – along with Rubin, Miner and White. In fact, Rubin is currently the Senior Vice President ofMobileat Google.

Picasa, a desktop application for photo editing/sharing, was a 2004 acquisition. At the time, it was meant to be used with Blogger. The online version, Picasa Web Albums, is now integrated with Google + as a way to instant upload and share photos.

Google Maps was built with the help of at least 6 different technology acquisitions, from four countries.

Statue Of Liberty

Cool or what?

Google Ventures investments cover such things as payment services, online marketplaces, the development of negative and carbon neutral fuels, anti-malware technology, vacation rentals, crowd sourced legal answers, fuel efficient cars… they’ve even invested in HubSpot (get the full list of Google Ventures investments).

So what pies does Google have its fingers in? Among the list is:

  • Mobile phone software (Android)
  • Smartphone creation (Nexus)
  • Advertising
  • Search
  • Community grants
  • Government application/contracts
  • Imaging software
  • Website development
  • Green energy development
  • Payment processing
  • Social Networking (Google +, etc.)
  • Video sharing
  • Business/Enterprise applications
  • Office software
  • Web and social analytics software
  • Cloud computing
  • Blogging software
  • 3D Modeling
  • Online security

Is Google really aiming for world domination?

Google World Domination

Is This The Future?

As the year 2014 draws closer (the year outlined in the original video), it definitely seems more possible. Who knows where they’re going next? Only Google, but you can be sure it’ll be something fantastic and, most likely, out of their expected sphere of influence.

What do you think? Can you see Google taking over the world – not as in “owning the governments” or “running countries”, but will the world turn Google centric? Weigh in!

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