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How To Get More Traffic… Really!

There are about a zillion companies promising to get you more traffic. They’ll take your money and, indeed, you’ll find your traffic spiking through the roof. There are a variety of tactics these companies use to drive this traffic to your site, but the question for any Internet business is not how many visitors you get, but how many sales.

The traffic provided by these companies is usually not the sort that will earn you many sales at all, because the visitors you get weren’t looking for your product or information on their own. These companies use tactics just to get high numbers you have to pay for, not to get quality visitors who are searching for information or better yet, ready to purchase.

The way you get the kind of quality traffic you want is first, build a cracking good, properly search engine optimized website. Any decent website ought to offer at least thirty pages of quality information and no, your catalog doesn’t count. Each and every subject that might make a sale has information associated with it.

The job of the Internet entrepreneur is to offer a lot of that information for free. By over providing and giving the people who are looking for you more than their money’s worth, you build something much more powerful and profitable than a sale. You create a customer that will come back for more.

The second thing you can do in order to get traffic is to apply some basic Internet common sense. Don’t put all manner of flashy media up on your site. They’re hard for search engine spiders to read and they take a long time to load for people with less than optimal connections. If a door-to-door salesman hemmed and hawed at your door for three minutes, you’d slam the door in their face. Slamming doors on the Internet equal a fast click on the “back” button, and no entrepreneur can afford that. If you absolutely must include the flashy stuff, offer it in a simpler format for people who choose, and don’t put it on your landing page.

Get involved in your online communities. No matter what your business is about, somewhere there is an online forum about it. Don’t go on there just to get your links up, make a point of providing real, quality content and participation. However, don’t pass up the opportunity to put your website link in unobtrusive places like your signature and profile, either. If you post a message that looks like “Hey, come to <this website> you’ll see stuff you like!” you’ll probably get your post deleted and yourself banned quicker than you can say IP address. On the other hand, if you’re a decent, active and participating member of the community who provides real information and input, you’ll build repeat loyal visitors.

Create a blog. Again, don’t do it to be stupid. If the only purpose of your blog is to hawk your wares, skip it. You’ll be better off by not wrecking your reputation that way. Again, provide quality, relevant information and make a point of answering people’s commentary. On the same note, publish knowledgeable SEO articles with your website link in the signature. These two will drive high quality traffic to your site and will help establish you as a professional in your field. If you can’t write yourself, hire a decent SEO copywriter who can.

You’ve probably heard all of these suggestions before. There’s a reason they keep getting repeated, and the reason is because they work. There is no shortcut to building an online business, but there are plenty of people who will rob you blind if they can.

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