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Integration of SEO with PPC Marketing Campaigns

For all those aware of the various online marketing techniques this article deals with Integration of SEO with PPC Marketing Campaigns

For all those aware of the various online marketing techniques and funnels, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not an alien term.  For the uninitiated, SEO is a procedure that involves using various techniques to increase the online visibility of your website, especially when it comes to search engines.  The main job of any SEO’s procedure is to increase the number of clicks, or hits, to your website.  This is achieved by directing online traffic towards your website with a few simple tools.

Many SEO tools will guide you towards anSEO optimized website.  However, the most commonly used SEO tools are: keyword research, keyword optimization and link building. The first step towards SEO is selecting the few words and phrases most relevant to the main business of your website.

The second step involves optimizing these keywords effectively in the text of the pages of your website.  Usually, including the keywords in the form of Meta tag descriptions (i.e. those that describe your website to the users in search engines) is the best way.  Building inbound links on your website, which will also improve your search engine rating, is next.

The two ways to increase the number of inbound links are “article submissions” and “directory submissions”.  Article submissions come in the form of links on other websites and build up further traffic to yours, helping your online marketing campaign.  Directory submissions help by bringing you a number of inbound links and therefore, automatically increasing the ranking of your page in the search engines.

With the increase in online business and marketing strategies, almost everyone is making use of SEO as their marketing strategy.  What can be done in order to make a difference, then?  The answer comes in the form of the integration of SEO with PPC (Pay-Per-Click) marketing.  These are sponsored links and greatly improve the website visibility.  Going via the PPC route ensures that your website comes up amongst the top results in any of the search engines.

For those not interested in Integrated SEO with PPC, ensuring your website gets top ranking in any search engine will require further checkpoints.  Google ranking, for example: Google has its own pointers to base a website’s ranking on.  Some of the top ways to get Google ranking are listed below:

The more inbound links that a website has, the better its page ranking will be, depending on the nature of the inbound links.  The better the PR value of your website (i.e. inbound links), the higher the page ranking.  To increase the Google page ranking more, ensure that the Anchor text – or the text in Meta tags – contains proper keywords that match the text of the site or page.

With the above tools and pointers, the Search Engine Optimization along with the Pay-Per-Click marketing, your website will surely start facing a swarm of clicks and hits.  In turn, you will be flooded with business, fulfilling the motive behind the marketing campaign.

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