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How to Get More CTA Clicks on Your Pages Without Annoying Your Visitors

By now, we are pretty sure that you’ve mastered every skill needed to bring traffic to your site. But, after dealing with SEO and getting actual traffic, it’s time to convert all those visitors and make them take action on what you have to offer.

So, what is the best practice for keeping your site’s bounce rate on the low?

Definitely not an easy task, especially if you are offering services and not a physical product to the prospective customers. But the good news is that there are actually plenty of possible ways to boost your service page conversions.

In this article, we’ll try to focus on strategies that proved to be the most effective when getting the visitors to click the CTA button and convert from mere visitors to paying customers.

Optimizing Your Website’s Header

The contents of your site’s header are what is presented to someone who just landed on your page. There is lots of research showing that most of the people bounce right back if they are not amused by what they see on the header. So, in order to keep them scrolling and eventually subscribing to your service, you will need to know how to make your website’s header appealing.

Getting most out of your site’s header, while still keeping it fairly simplified, is difficult. However, you should think of some simple solutions that will make your site stand out and that will make your CTA button visible and engaging to the visitor.

Things that you should consider doing when optimizing your header:

  • Try to come up with a powerful and catching caption, one that will resonate with your target audience and will prevent them from instantly bouncing. Keep in mind that shorter captions are almost always more powerful.
  • Pinpoint an incentive given to all those who subscribe to your service, and make sure that they will feel like they can actually benefit from it. For instance, if you are offering a free trial for all newcomers, make sure to highlight that in the call to action.
  • Making your CTA button visually stand out is almost always a good idea! Although making it artificially bigger may prove counterproductive when it comes to conversion (visitors might feel pressured to subscribe), you should definitely play around with the background color of the CTA button, for example.
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Changing the CTA Button’s Label

We are all witnesses of generic labels throughout the Internet today. Things like Sign Up, Submit or Click Here are a big no-no if you want more conversions straight away.

Knowing your target niche is a huge advantage here as you will also know what kind of text your customers want to see in situations like this. Sometimes Click Here just won’t cut it for the majority of them.

So, what can you consider doing regarding your CTA labels in order to boost conversions?

If you are offering a trial or a similar benefit to your customer, why don’t you go ahead and highlight that same benefit on your action button? For instance, instead of mere Sign Up, you can change the text to Sign Up Now For a Month of Free Trial! It may look a bit robust but it could be the change that does the trick.

Or you can try getting straight to the point by labeling your CTA button with Get Started Right Now! This type of call to action will certainly work if you have a powerful heading in place.

When choosing a label for your CTA button, try not to go for generic ones. Instead, actually call your prospective customers to action instead.

Always Be Testing!

Tell you what: there is no secret formula to successful conversion boosting strategy. Even if you get your strategy in place (where you boosted your site’s conversions to some extent), don’t forget that you can always implement something new so conversions can be even higher.

A/B testing is always advised as it will point you in the right direction when trying out lots of different approaches to boost conversions. Only testing will show you what strategy actually works best for your site.


There are dozens of reasons why your website visitors just aren’t clicking on your CTA’s. Many of them include annoyance, and that reason will not only lower your conversion rates, but also push your visitors away from giving your website another look.

As there are many factors that will affect your website’s performance in terms of conversion, make sure to follow the advice given above.

Analyze your current situation and try to identify which improvement points have been lying in front of you unnoticed. If you are, however, still feeling insecure about where to start, you can always book a consultation with a professional team that will help you find your way.

About the Author: Hellen McAdams

Hellen McAdams is the chief strategist at She loves a good digital marketing strategy, and isn’t afraid to ask questions everyday to keep up with the industry’s trends. If you have any comments or questions, shoot her a question at @hellen_mcadams.


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