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You want your international marketing efforts to give the best results for your global business. Learn how to find your voice, community and localized market.

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6 Tips to Create a Multi-language Site

I can safely say that websites are one of the biggest ways of sharing information and reaching out to people all around the globe. Whether it is for business or entertainment purposes, shopping, traveling, or anything else, websites represent a window into the world.

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International SEO Beginner Tips: Obstacles, Site Structures and How-To

A few weeks ago, I was honored to be included in a webinar panel about International SEO from Authority Labs. It turned out great, but we barely got started before it was time to finish up. In fact, we left a lot of ground uncovered. In today’s post, with the help of Michael Bonfils, one of the other panelists, I’d like to cover some of the questions we didn’t get to. International SEO: Obstacles, Site Structures and How-To When talking about international SEO, you’re talking about a many-headed hydra. Each location has its own difficulties and considerations. What are those difficulties? What...

The Benefits of Studying Business Qualifications To Develop Your Marketing Business

Whether you are starting out in business or have an established company looking to take the next step, investment in training is a vital factor that can push you forward. As a business owner that specializes in marketing, you are probably very proficient in the inner workings of marketing strategies and helping other companies reach their marketing potential. However, it is sometimes not enough to make your own business succeed in the long term. (more…)

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International SEO

International SEO: Country Specific Domains, Subdirectories or Subfolders?

Opening up your website to an international audience is one way to significantly grow your business. While you want to make sure your product or service is in demand in your international market, once you do know, it’s time to plan how you’re going to go about reaching that market. STOP! How do you know if you’re ready to go international? As mentioned in The Big Guide to International SEO, you have to evaluate foreign markets. Is there a legitimate place for your product/service offerings? Does more than 10% of your traffic come from other countries? Do you have the budget? The Big...

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Global Search Engines

10 Important Tips to Know About International Search Engines

Any marketer or online business owner who hopes to succeed on a global scale must know how to optimize for international search engines. Google may hold close to 70% of the American market for desktop and mobile search traffic combined. Google withdrew from China abandoning a market with close to 688 million Internet users. Russia is a major player that boasts local search that competes with Google in the country's surrounding regions. Throw South Korea in the mix and add an additional 45 million users to the tally that may not have access to your products and services. If your...

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