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More than selling a web presence, online marketing combines copywriting, SEO, social media, content creation and more.

Competitive Intelligence 101: Do You Know Who Your Online Competitors Are?

Who are your online competitors? Do you know? Are your sure? As an agency, we often find that many clients have no real idea who they’re fighting for the top position in the search results. The problem is the “online” factor. With physical businesses it’s clear cut. If you sell medical supplies, other companies that sell them are your competitors. It’s not so clear-cut with Internet marketing.

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Let’s Talk Influencer Marketing

  Influencer marketing seems to be the “in” thing, doesn’t it? By the end of 2016, Twitter was reporting that 40% of users said they’d purchased something because of an influencer. Influencer marketing was on every trend list in [...]

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Using Live Chat Can Improve Your Business’ Conversion Rate

  Now that your website is bringing in traffic, it’s time to start thinking about what you can do to direct that traffic to the right place. Be it buying a product or service, signing a petition, or subscribing [...]

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