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A hand touching a WordPress logo against a white background, representing common WordPress problems.

Common WordPress Problems and Their Solutions

If we’re being realistic, we’d have to conclude that WordPress is one of the handiest online tools for content management. In the past decade and a half, WP has allowed countless individuals to jumpstart their online careers easier than they could ever hope for. However, obviously - no online platform is perfect. And keeping that in mind, we should remember that WordPress has its share of issues. However, most of these aren’t problems that you can’t fix on your own. Which is why we’ve decided to address some of the most common WordPress problems right here; while also giving...

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silhouette of man fishing on lake

Fishing For Customers: Do You Have The Right Gear?

I love the outdoors and outdoor activities, and fishing is no exception. Put a rod and a reel is this girl's hand and you get a happy marketer. One of the things I love about it is how peaceful it is. It gives you a chance to think about things like how marketing is a lot like fishing. You have to have the right gear, be in the right place, at the right time. If you have all that, you have yourself a customer. (more…)

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website theme change concept

Changing Your Website Theme? Follow the Checklist!

Choosing a website theme can be challenging and even a bit frustrating. There are times you might do all the research and put the theme on your site only find out that it's not the theme for you (for whatever reason). All of a sudden, you're stuck looking for another one. Or maybe you've had the same theme for five years and you want an upgrade. Whatever the reason you're changing your theme, it needs to be done the right way. You want to make sure your site matches current search standards, such as responsiveness and speed. You want to...

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What Is Interactive Marketing? Benefits and Examples

The idea of interactive marketing isn’t new. Marketers have been trying to solve the problem of marketing in the Information Age since TimBL invented the World Wide Web in 1989. Well, maybe a little later than that when HotWired sold AT&T $30,000 worth of banner ad space on their site for the first time ever. The point is, interactive marketing has been around since online ads have been around, and it's as important today as it was then. But why? What is it? Most importantly, what’s in it for you? (more…)

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International SEO Guide: Moving products around the globe

The Big Guide on International SEO

In this international SEO guide, I'll cover some of the important sections of global marketing and optimization. You'll find out the types of businesses that international marketing can help, three ways to know if it's not something you need, and a 6-question quiz to find out if you're ready for the big market. I'm excited to share this information with you; international marketing strategies are my favorite! (more…)

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