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5 Benefits of Responsive Web Design for Small Businesses

A responsive website design essentially means that the website can adjust its size to fit any screen size. While most desktops and laptops have similar size screens, this becomes especially important for cell phones and tablets. Before responsive web design, companies were required to create both a desktop and mobile/tablet version of their website. Why not stick with the old method? Well, here are 5 benefits of responsive web design for small businesses.

1. Additional Mobile Traffic

Responsive sites tend to load faster than traditional mobile sites. People tend to be impatient and abandon a site if it doesn’t load fast enough. This means that responsive sites will get more traffic. Naturally, you want as many people to visit your site as possible. Also, since the website will be higher in search engine results (we will talk more about this later), more people will be likely to visit the site.

2. Increased SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of purposefully developing your online presence to put yourself as high in the search engines as possible when people search certain phrases. These phrases should be related to your industry, such as “window repair in Scranton” or “artesian pretzels in Brookfield”. Responsive sites rank higher in search engines since you aren’t dividing visitors into both a desktop website and mobile website.

3. Less Maintenance

With web responsive sites, you only have one site to maintain instead of two. Before, when a problem happened, the web developer would have to fix both sites. Naturally, this would take twice as long as having to fix one site. This also means that you only have to pay for the web developer to fix one site. Saving money on website maintenance is important for startups who need to watch spending. To help make maintenance even easier, cloud VPS hosting is ideal. This means that the website runs on a server based in the cloud instead of a physical server. A web developer will be able to access and fix the problem from anywhere.

4. Increased Social Media Sharing

Social media presence can be an easy and inexpensive way to market your business. It’s important to have a social media account on all of the major platforms to reach out to your customers. Of course, only friends and followers will see your posts. It is extremely beneficial if you can have people share your blogs and other information for you. This will help expand your reach.

Many people access social media on their phones. If your site is responsive, people will also be able to access your website quickly on their phone. With a simple tap of a button, visitors can share pictures, articles, and other items on your website with all of their friends and followers.

5. Increased Sales

The whole reason you have a website and develop your online presence is to get more customers. When you have a responsive site, more people will visit your site and learn about you. When people learn about your company, they may purchase your products. If they enjoy your products, you may even have a customer for life.

An online presence is extremely important for your business. You need to make it easy for online customers to learn about you and get the information they need, such as contact information. People may not know about you to search for your company outright, so you need to help people find out. A responsive site can help increase your ranks in search engines, helping people locate you. Plus, it can contribute to your social media presence.

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Emily Lamp

Emily Lamp is a professional writer, working closely with many aspiring thinkers and entrepreneurs from many companies including VPS HiSpeed, a VPS hosting company in Thailand which provides cloud hosting and server VIP in affordable rates with professional customer service. She is also interested in technology, business growth and self-improvement.


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