What is SEO? In actuality, website optimization is more than just a bag of tricks. It’s not as easy as some would like to believe, nor is it black magic. We get a little technical at times, but we’ll walk you through it.

Data Analysis: KPIs and ROI in digital marketing

What Are KPI and ROI in Digital Marketing?

In the old days, you would measure the effectiveness of your marketing by how many customers shopped at your store or the success of an ad campaign. If any formal measurements were taken, they would usually be in the form of a survey that asked how you heard about their company or how many unique codes were returned from a coupon campaign. That way, you could determine how many coupons were redeemed and from what areas or which marketing platforms were hitting the target market and by what percent. Nowadays, we have more sophisticated metrics, wider coverage, and many different business...

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common local seo mistakes

Common Local SEO Mistakes in your Web Pages and How to Correct Them

Photo by Henry Perks on Unsplash Local search engine optimization is vital for content marketing; it is a powerful tool used to bring traffic to your enterprise's outlet and direct them towards your sales funnel. Through local SEO, many customers search for local products on mobile devices; that is why any business must invest in efficient campaigns. However, there are various mistakes that business owners make while attempting to adjust local browser optimization, but that doesn't mean we can't figure it out. Here are several common local SEO mistakes that you probably need to correct. (more…)

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Line of eggs with different facial expressions, representing different marketing styles

Cindy Crawford or Cyndi Lauper: What Kind of Marketer are You?

Cyndi Lauper and Cindy Crawford, two 80s icons who are still going strong. Though their styles and approach may be completely different, they're both smart business women who've created brands that remain relevant and diverse 30-odd years later. The Tale of Two Cindies proves that women rock at any age. It also demonstrates that when it comes to marketing, there is no one-size solution. (more…)

Actionable SEO Tips to Promote Your Business Locally

Over the last few years, the scope and popularity of e-Business have dramatically increased. Today, a solid online presence is more important than ever for every local brick and mortar business. Google search engine results have changed. One major shift is that users now get search results based on their location. Local SEO, in that case, is essential for businesses operating at a regional level. While national SEO ranks searches across the country, local SEO gives priority to SERPs within a specific location. Optimising SEO at a local level means you get to benefit from a high number of leads, traffic...

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voice search optimization

4 Unrivalled Tips for Voice Search Optimisation

Voice search is a strong digital browsing trend. This AI-powered technology has reached increased levels of accuracy. Users receive fast and precise voice queries results. According to Google, about 20% of online browsing is done through voice search. It's more convenient to use digital assistants such as Siri or Alexa for online searches. To remain relevant, marketers must optimize online content and business websites for voice search. So, here's a list of 4 tips to optimize your website for voice queries and rank higher in Google's search results. (more…)

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