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The Secret of Producing Content That Inspires People to Act

It’s more common than you would imagine for content writers to write content for web visitors as if they were human beings who loved to read! Writing content for your website gets a little challenging because you’re writing for two main elements: Google’s algorithm and people hunting for information, products, or services. When a person picks up printed text, the odds are he or she enjoys reading. When they’re on the Internet, they scan content. So, after you’ve taken care of the SEO element of your content, write in such a way that inspires people to take action.

How Customers Behave Online

While your website visitors aren’t wild animals, they’re continually in motion looking for products, services, and information to consume. Ask yourself the following questions. “Is my website and content the source for their online prowling? When they arrive, have I made it easy for them to find what they’re looking for?” They’re on the hunt, and they’re not going to waste time looking for products or services.

When visitors are on the scent of your website trail, it only takes seconds for them to decide if your site and content are useful. Visitors, without knowing for sure if they’re on the right page, will quickly glance at your content. Rest assured they’re going to make a quick decision if they want to spend time. Here are several secrets for writing persuasive content—the kind that inspires people to make a decision.

1. Always place your most important information first where people can easily access it. The most important points should always come first. Some of the most important content to share is what your company does. Of course, visitors will also want additional details along with some background information.

2. Avoid the urge to be too creative or to sound too clever with your content. Write solid content. Readers rarely cling to every word while online. They simply don’t have time. Quite often, simple statements and copy works best. This even applies to complex topics. When people on the Internet think too hard or too long they’re on to the next venue.

3. The rule of thumb is to write in such a way that makes copy easy to follow. Write as if the content was intended for the ninth grade level or lower. Also, be careful not tell jokes that no one will find humorous.

4. People scan content on the Internet. As such, people don’t initially read web pages. They scan. Once they’ve found what they’re looking for, they’re often willing to spend time reading the content for specific information. Make sure your headlines communicate exactly what you’re all about. Make sure sub headlines and content summarize key points. Include, where applicable, numbers or bullet points to break up content and reduce wordiness.

5. Write familiar words that your audience can easily identify with. For instance, no one will search for a cost-effective flight to New York. However, they will search a “cheap” flight to New York. Another term for such words is “carewords.” These are the terms that tell them they’ve reached the right location.

6. We have to tell the truth and it sometimes hurts. A lot of people are lazy when searching for information. They’re looking for low-hanging fruit. The last thing you want to do is to make them work to read your text. Write short paragraphs, short sentences, and avoid the passive tense. Needless repetition is a burden for readers as well.

7. Website owners should write content with the expectation that people can arrive anywhere on their website. Make sure each page is easy to scan and its message clear. Each page should also have a clear call to action. Suggest to visitors what you want them to do or where to go next.

Make the Hunt an Easy Experience

Remember to answer questions that people ask. You can go so far as to anticipate their questions and provide answers ahead of time. Focus on only one topic per page. The most important service you can provide is to be helpful.

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