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Sharing Versus Consuming

Most recently, we noticed a survey showing that 96 percent of college undergraduates own smartphones, whereas only 82 percent of adults do. It’s no surprise that smartphone use has grown by more than 5000 percent in the last ten years and the demand for more voice and data services is greater than ever. Mobile is the way to go… but how does this break down the old “business” model? We’d like to look at this phenomenon and explore the differences between sharing versus consuming.

The Ultimate Goal – Having A Community With A Focus

In an ever-changing world where technology reigns supreme, people have submitted to a virtual reality that ceaselessly grows more and more powerful by the day. Entering a new era of a High Tech society, people can sift through boundless amounts of entertainment and information at their fingertips, traditions have a propensity to expire or evolve with the times. Particularly, the business model of old has been revamped and retooled to meet the demands of a worldwide population accustomed to convenience and immediacy.

The beauty of the internet and online business is that anyone and everyone can be a player or participant. With a relatively affordable startup cost, one needs a good idea, commitment and the ability to work autonomously in order to venture into the bustling arena of online business. The 21st Century has gifted people with the luxury of instantaneous and inexpensive communication, allowing entrepreneurs to jumpstart their projects and established businesses to reach wider audiences like never before. The ability to share a product on a global stage at a click of a button is a wonder in itself, but it also puts the onus on the company to find their niche in the marketplace.

Naturally, a business operation focused on providing a reliable service or product has a better chance of survival. Getting the word out may be easier than it was in the past, but it takes a strong campaign to coalesce a community of support. Customer service has advanced, as well, which can prove to be an invaluable asset to businesses wishing to gauge their standing with consumers. The symbiotic relationship between provider and consumer is so transparent on the Internet that online businesses must take a progressive approach in offering value. The economics of supply and demand remain the same, but businesses now must be more responsive to consumers in a whole new light. Shifting to a communal outlook, one where businesses share the same space as consumers, creates a mutual relationship that has an increased likelihood of sustainability. Partnership is the new way forward.

Get Close

Forget About Your Demographics, It’s Time To Get Close & Personal

Despite the advantages of modern day technology, ease doesn’t necessarily translate into simplicity. The World Wide Web can feel like the Wild West at times. The cutthroat nature of business can be an unforgiving pursuit by entrepreneurs and consumers alike. Idealistic fledglings, wishing to take flight and soar to success, will find the skies are congested with traffic. Indeed, opportunity is available to anyone who wishes to chase it. Unfortunately, statistics will show that most enterprises fail to reap the rewards they pursue. Fierce competition is the reality of online business that often gets overlooked. Many reasons can be attributed to any given online business being caught dead in the water. However, it’s conceivable that fruitless endeavors were due to a rotting model and anachronistic approach. The Internet is no longer in its infancy, yet people are still trying to figure out how to utilize it to its fullest potential. Naturally, there will be detours and dead ends along the way. But, those who wish to fulfill a need for the sake of society at-large may discover the obstacles a minor inconvenience. Building a strong social network on the web is essential for any business wishing to preserve an online presence.

Ubiquitous Trolls, Scams And Hackers

Adding to the clutter found on the web are the ubiquitous trolls, scams and hackers. The trap of mistaking sinister characters for sincere individuals is an easy one to fall into. The freedom of the Internet is often abused and demands caution while navigating through the labyrinth. Distance and anonymity enable unbecoming behavior, evident in the comment section of almost any website where a forum is provided. Infighting among peers seems to occur at such a high frequency that it’s almost like being back in junior high again. More than lunch money is at stake though.

Maintaining a social presence online requires keen attention to detail in order to gauge the crowd; an ability to remain neutral during conflict would serve an online business tremendously. The matrix of the Internet provides a platform and megaphone for any user to express freely with little to no restriction, the effects of which can be rather vile and inane results. Awareness and discretion are essential qualities for any online business attempting to instill diplomacy in the marketplace and community.

Adaptation to the virtual world isn’t a seamless transition, which is why so many online businesses struggle. Staying relevant requires a social presence and by being an active participant in the community, your identity will be strengthened and realized. Everyone is on their own journey, but the role of a successful online business bridges people to their destination with a helping hand. Are you going to be a business that’s sharing versus consuming new technology?

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