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coding with essential UI web design

5 Essential UI Web Design Tips to Consider for your Website

A website is more than just a few digital pages on your device that display content and link together. It’s an interactive interface that helps users to explore, connect and communicate. When a user makes an interaction with a website, they’re being provided with an experience and as a web designer you need to make sure this experience is immaculate as possible for them. User experience depends on many elements of the user interface including the layout and functionality of the website. Taking into consideration these UI websign tips will help you to think of the bigger picture when it...

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ingredients of a great landing page

Ingredients of a Great Landing Page

Landing pages are basically one-page forms that are designed to capture the recipient's attention and tell them about a product or service. They can act as stand-alone order forms, the second step in an email marketing campaign, or a teaser to get more eyes on your web pages. Your landing page is the first phase of website optimization. A page that's informative, well-constructed, and engaging draws traffic and introduces your brand or a new product to your audience.

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A notebook containing drawings of web design plans, representing ways web design affects SEO.

How Web Design Affects SEO

In the world of search engine optimization, having a proper web design plays a crucial rule. The factors that determine your website’s ranking change all the time; in the past couple of years, original content and the quality of the user experience have become crucial ranking factors. That’s why you need to have web design and SEO in mind when you make design decisions related to your website. Today, we’re going to share a couple of design guidelines that not only make for a satisfactory user experience but for high SEO metrics as well. (more…)

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Reducing spam on your wordpress website

5 Tips That Work to Reduce Spamming on WordPress

Spamming has always been a big problem for businesses online. Spam comments affect all other online blogging platforms as well like discussion forums, and many others, not just WordPress. It's not easy to stop this spamming completely. Spammers are still capable of submitting some spam to your WordPress, even if you try to disable the comments on your website.

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Closeup shot of laptop with digital tablet and smartphone on desk. Responsive design web page on their screen.

5 Benefits of Responsive Web Design for Small Businesses

A responsive website design essentially means that the website can adjust its size to fit any screen size. While most desktops and laptops have similar size screens, this becomes especially important for cell phones and tablets. Before responsive web design, companies were required to create both a desktop and mobile/tablet version of their website. Why not stick with the old method? Well, here are 5 benefits of responsive web design for small businesses. 1. Additional Mobile Traffic Responsive sites tend to load faster than traditional mobile sites. People tend to be impatient and abandon a site if it doesn't load fast...

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