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What Is Content Personalization and How Can It Help Your Marketing Efforts?

There is a marketing buzzword called content personalization. This refers to the strategy of creating and delivering targeted and relevant content that audiences find interest in. Personalized content engages customers on an individual level and it can mean the difference between marketing success or failure. Effective content is something that marketers cannot afford to get wrong.

The Inner Workings of Content Personalization

In today’s world, customers expect content to speak to their needs. While the process is not new, it is more critical now because brands drive their marketing strategies based on technology and big data. This allows content to be far more critical than it has been even in the recent past. Marketers can now build customer profiles and target specific audiences with the most effective content. Content personalization falls into three main categories.

1. Marketers must have the tools and knowledge to capture customer data and analyze it for marketing purposes. Knowledge gained can include things like the rate of shopping cart abandonment, customer purchasing history, and knowledge about the customer’s shopping experience.

2. The data collected is only as valuable as the marketer’s ability to analyze it. Customer profiles are the keys to creating targeted content. This enables valuable insights into what customers want and need.

3. The third category entails acting on insights. This can be the most challenging endeavor. It may entail having to completely rebuild a marketing strategy. The content marketers create should complement and assist the buyer on their journey at each step along the way.

Customer Segmentation

Marketers can now target audiences by industry, gender, age, income, geography, and even by job title in a most effective way. The research can enable organizations to divide their customers into much smaller groups.

Personalization Based on Persona

Buyer personas are fictional characters marketers can create to segment how people can use a product or service. Personas are helping marketers to understand user needs and experiences along with behaviors and goals. The best reason for creating a persona is to help marketers to identify with their target markets and better understand them. The process can simplify the design task as well.

Personalizing Content for the Customer’s Journey

Marketers can take the process even further by providing content that addresses a customer’s needs in the marketing funnel at each step along the way. Customers focus on and become inspired by something particular at each step. This phase of content personalization helps customers to proceed to the next level.

Content Specific to Individuals

Even though the above the above methods are effective, they are still designed to target and deliver content to broader audiences. However, it remains a fact that consumers have long since dropped the idea of solutions that claim “one size fits all.” Advertising has changed significantly to the point where one size no longer has to fit everyone. The most effective content could very well be that which is specific to individuals.

A Clear Benefit for Businesses

Content personalization is good for business and can only help marketers get strong results from their marketing campaigns. There are a number of excellent software packages available on the market to suit a marketer’s needs. Benefits of using the software include an increase in visitor engagement, an improved customer experience, heightened brand awareness, and ultimately an increase in conversion rates.

With the right approach, companies can ultimately look forward to nurturing a passionate audience. Marketers evoke action when they learn to generate content that speaks directly to the passions of their audience. Content fuels lead-nurturing. Marketing makes the most profound connections when it addresses consumer behaviors and interests. To remain competitive, marketers must address consumers with personalized content from the top of the sales funnel to the bottom of the funnel.

There is a lot to digital and online marketing. When the going gets tough for companies, they can always turn to the digital marketing professionals with the knowledge and skills to provide the right marketing solutions. If you need help personalizing your content for maximum attraction, contact Level343. With over 20 years in the industry, we have the experience you need to reach your audience.

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  1. Solid piece with good insights for content marketers. What’s allowed companies and brands to do this….leverage content personalization to get close to their customers is, in many ways, the same thing that has divided us politically (or segmented us commercially). The ability to self-segregate and retreat into our own insular social circles that reinforce and flatten out our beliefs allowing companies and other organizational/institutional actors come in and speak to that audience’s specific concerns in a very targeted and directed way. But what may be unfortunate for politics has been a boon for retailers and marketers who are now able to spend their budgets a lot more effectively.

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