3Plus International: Sponsors of Change Through Mentoring

by February 6, 2012

You’ve all see the predictions about 2012, I’m sure. 12 Troubling Predictions for Internet Marketers in 2012 is a good example, along with 275 Internet Marketing Predictions for 2012. We don’t really offer predictions, but one we at Level343 can provide with a high degree of accuracy is this: we’re going to give back to the community.

Introducing Level343′s 2012 Top Women of SEO

by January 2, 2012
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It started two years ago, back in 2010, with the idea of honoring the women in SEO. Top SEO Women of 2010 was our way of supporting the ten women listed, such as Donna Fontenot, Dana Lookadoo, Debra Mastaler,  and Ann Smarty. They’re women we know, interact with and are friends with. Gabriella left a […]