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FTW-SocialThe first rule of any good marketing campaign is “go where the people gather!”  Although this marketing strategy is certainly not an epiphany, the onset of the new frontier of marketing encompassing social media and networking has added confusing complexity to the old game of marketing.  With new social media networks virtually popping up on every street corner, every business owner realizes that time equals money in the game of social media marketing.

For now, these are the top social media gathering spots for marketing and networking to bring traffic banging at the door:

  • Facebook :  Long considered a great spot to meet-and-greet with the friends and family, connecting through Facebook can give instant updates on the happenings of everyone in your group.  Through reaching out to others in the circle of your circle, joining fan sites, and publicizing facebook links to promote fans, Facebook is an easy way to personalize interaction between members.
  • Twitter :  If you are ready to enter the tweet-iverse, then Twitter is waiting for you!  Although there is a learning curve in the language of Twitter that takes some extra investment in time, once you know how to promote using 140 characters or less, the niceties of Twitter will fall into place.
  • LinkedIn :  For the more professional crowd, LinkedIn provides a robust social media and network platform to connect people with like interests based on the concept of 3 degrees of separation.  By connecting to all of your connections and everyone you know, your networking reach explodes with the power to share your message, find potential partners, and gain valuable marketing insight.
  • Blogger / WordPress / :  If you are especially interested in promoting your business online to a global market or audience, then blogging is an excellent source of exposure and SEO recognition.  When the content changes over a short duration of time, search engines are drawn to the postings via categories, tags, and keyword optimized titles with content.

Admittedly, the goal is to gain as much exposure as possible to your target audience while decreasing cost.  In marketing, the cost per lead produced by each marketing effort is measured in the ROI or return on investment.  With social media marketing and networking, ROI must be measured in time against the leads recouped for the time invested to be sure cost expenditures are analyzed correctly; therefore, finding the hotspots of social media marketing that will both deliver interested leads as well as gain exposure for your products is vital.

In my experience, the most important thing to remember about social media marketing and networking is two-fold.  First, don’t seem too anxious.  Be yourself.  Second, be prepared to invest time in creating and maintaining your social media activities.  These should not be too hard.  After all, these are the same rules as any other social environment…you are just reaching out to millions of people instead of hundreds!

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