6 Ways SEO Copywriting Services Work for You

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Saving Time TunnelSEO copywriting services – the designation is quite a mouthful. If you can write, these services may also sound like a waste of good money. After all, why have someone write for you when you’re perfectly capable of providing your own content (or copy)? However, SEO copywriting services do make a difference, and in very specific, noticeable ways.

  1. Time – To build and keep up with a strong SEO campaign, you need web content, and lots of it. Having someone else write your copy for you saves time. This means you can focus on what you do best, which is run your business.
  2. Increased keyword ranking – SEO copywriting services, vs. other writing services, provide the added benefit of increased keyword ranking. Careful use of your key words, terms and synonyms helps search engines decide what your site is about, and which searches are most relevant to your page.
  3. Increased site visibility – Because of increased keyword ranking, your site becomes more visible to those you want most to visit: your target market. The higher your site ranks, the more visible it becomes.
  4. More links to your site – Writing effective, engaging content isn’t done by accident. It seldom happens on its own; as a general rule, it takes practice to find a tone that visitors like and want to link to. SEO copywriters are trained to write copy that engages readers to act, or inspires them to link. Many spend years developing those skills into a form of art.
  5. Effective calls to action – Copywriting has a strong foundation in marketing. Because the call to action is the most vital part of your business – it inspires the visitor to buy, ask for more information, share their email, etc. -, it needs to be effective. You need visitors to act, and copywriters are trained to write in such a way that makes visitors want to act.
  6. Dedication – As business owners juggling a million things at once, many can’t afford to dedicate themselves to keeping up with the demand for new web content. Copywriters, however, have nothing but dedicated time to write, because that’s what they do for a living. Therefore, the content has a strong success rate vs. articles, blogs and other web copy that’s rushed out during meetings.

Simply put, SEO copywriting services bring a combination of SEO, marketing and writing to the table, all going to work for your business. The question becomes, not, can you afford to hire these services, but can you afford not to.

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