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“Content is king,” SEOs, copywriters and search engines say. Content helps search engines decide relevance, helps bring visitors in and converts them into paying customers, avid readers and loyal followers. With something so important to your online business success, you want to make sure you’re putting out the right content. Not sure what that is? Read on…

Writing an Irresistible CTA: 7 Tips to Increase Your CTA Conversions

A call-to-action is a sentence that clearly instructs the reader to perform a specific task. The same holds true wherever the CTA ends up in content. If your website's call-to-actions are weak and non-compelling, visitors are not going to take action. If your CTA conversion rates are low and your efforts aren't working, you are losing money to competitors. If you are looking to increase conversion rates, the following tips and strategies are for you.

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Creating Content When Your Client Won’t

For professional content providers, clients can sometimes be an obstacle to creating quality content. Sometimes the client has a process requiring lengthy approval chains. The client may want to write for themselves, yet can't seem to write or commit to [...]

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The Crucial Elements of Content Marketing That Your Business Needs

When you have all the right elements, your content marketing efforts start to look pretty sweet. Before long, you know what content to create, how to optimize it - and how to make the right offer. Good marketing is about more than just writing an entertaining blog. It’s about offering value and making connections. It’s about stamping your position as the authority figure in your niche. But it’s also about making those necessary sales.

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