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“Content is king,” SEOs, copywriters and search engines say. Content helps search engines decide relevance, helps bring visitors in and converts them into paying customers, avid readers and loyal followers. With something so important to your online business success, you want to make sure you’re putting out the right content. Not sure what that is? Read on…

How To Write Headlines That Grab Their Attention By The Eyeballs

Even the best articles under-perform without attention grabbing headlines. Headlines briefly summarize the content to let the reader know what to expect. You may be tempted to come up with something clever on the fly, only to find traffic numbers [...]

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10 Terrific Tips for Beginning Business Bloggers

Not every business can benefit from a blog. The cost in time, resources and/or money can be more than the return. However, those businesses are few and far between. The fact is that we are in the era of Profersonal [...]

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Evergreen Content: Maximizing Your Copy For Long Lasting Effect

Writing copy is hard work. With all the effort put into your writing, the last thing you want to do is rewrite the same topic a month from now. This is where evergreen content comes in to play. In today's [...]

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Don’t Miss Out! Injecting Urgency Into Your Writing For Procrastinating Prospects

Good user experience and well written copy sometimes just aren’t enough to get the sale. Even after explaining all the benefits you have to offer, there are many that curiously don't decide to buy. This could be because they just [...]

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International Marketing: Selling to Anywhere in the World from Anywhere in the World

When we think of international marketing, we often think of shipping, transatlantic package rates, brick and mortar transactions, different languages, and so on. We might also think of faraway places, unreachable unless you run a large, multinational business. With the [...]