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Focused Traffic – It’s all in the Approach

We all want paying traffic, right? “We” includes Level343. Today, I was inspired by a video that solidified what I’ve been doing for traffic, without knowing I was doing it. Within a few hours of watching the video, I closed a client. Now, granted, I have been talking with this person for a few weeks, building the relationship as it were, and then BANG! It happened. They became a client.

How did I do it? To the fly on the wall, it would look like all I did was spoke to the person on the phone and closed them because I said something they wanted to hear. Not at all.

A targeted approach is always more effective.

What I mean by this is simple. You have to give your readers quality, not necessarily quantity. We don’t post articles on our blogs or guest blogs to get back links, although those are nice. We post articles to inform, help or engage our readers. Period

Is it nice to make a sale because of one of the blogs? Yes.

Is it nice to get back links because of a blog? Yes.

Is it nice to gain more readers? Yes.

However, rather than write to target those goals, write to target your readers. The rest will come in time.

When you’re discussing things with your readers, make sure you give them information they can share with their friends, clients or lists. For example, adding a fan page on Facebook. That fan page has to be targeted at a niche audience instead of just being there for the sake of have a fan page.

The friends you invite should be interested in your niche. If you sell baby clothes, invite others who are interested in baby clothes. They buy them, are on lists of baby clothes fan pages, sell them or make them. Others will follow, brought by word of mouth.

Start interacting within the community. Okay, if you must, send out an occasional, “by the way, I sell this stuff”. However, the main focus of your fan page should be giving advice, answering questions, sharing information – you know, things that are helpful and FREE. It takes time, but it’s time well spent

Once you’re interacting and have become an integral part of the community, then you can talk to the fan page administrators. Ask them to make an announcement about your huge sale of baby clothes. Remember, however, to make yourself invaluable, not spammy. I guarantee that if you add yourself to 10 fan relevant fan pages, at least 3 will be willing to post your sale or new online store. This benefits them because they’re giving their readers a great resource, and benefits you because you get new fans and focused traffic to your website.

Focused traffic can come from anywhere.

Fan pages bring focused traffic because fans already know what your website is about and what you do. However, guest blogs can also bring focused traffic. The blog site gets great articles for free, but we get new, focused (i.e. interested) traffic.

Much like the fan page, we write guest blogs with the reader in mind. We give them solutions to their problem. We invite questions and comments. We give them invitations to connect and network as a quick resource to answer their needs. That’s how you build customer trust, build visitor loyalty and establish your credibility within your community.

When you have the right attitude and a desire to succeed, everything really does become possible. Without a focus, however – without a strategy-, you’re just floating in the wind.

Our goal is to get more targeted traffic in our niche market. Needless to say, we’re in an extremely competitive industry. What makes us different is that we don’t look so much at what our competition is doing. We look at our potential new clients. We write new, informative articles to target specific needs. We give away articles to other blogs with great information to help a wider readership. We stepped into our own community and are slowly building ourselves up as an authoritative resource. It takes a lot of work, but we all love what we do.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that the bigger your list of people, the more money you’ll make. A big list is mostly worthless without the relationship. The readers who come to our blog want the information we’re giving them. We know because of our tracking statistics. We know because we see how our readers are getting to the blog, why they’re coming and what they do once they get there.

It’s a beautiful thing.

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  1. I totally agree! Its best to have fresh contents every now and then and those contents should have keywords on it. For realtors who have search engine friendly websites, they will likely make it to the top spot in search engine and outrun other competitors.

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