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How to Use Facebook to Improve Your Brand Image

In this day and age, Facebook is used for everything. From a way to stay in touch with family to promoting one’s craft, Facebook is a way to get noticed. For many companies, social media is the latest way to get their brand out there and for people to recognize what they have to offer.

How Can Facebook Help Us Market Our Brand?

While many people resort to search engines to look for the products and services that they need, even more people use Facebook on a daily basis. With an estimated 1.55 billion Facebook users, you could say that Facebook has a vast audience just waiting to find what they need in an even easier and quicker way than ever before. With such a large amount of people who use this form of social media, companies can rest assured that in their area and city and even beyond, there will be plenty of potential clients to be reached.

How Do We Utilize Facebook to Improve our Brand Image?

With Facebook being such an integral part of many people’s lives in 2015, it goes without saying that it is one of the best ways that a company can advertise what they have to offer. As a number one platform for sharing media, pictures, videos, and more, any business thinking of putting up a page to improve brand recognition and image should keep in mind that people’s attention span on Facebook is based on a “give me the information now!” type of marketing. When posting content on Facebook, you will want to avoid long blog posts. If you do happen to have a blog for your brand, posting a link to it would be much better than typing up a full page of content on Facebook. Many companies don’t even write much of their own content. Instead, they let more powerful voices do it for them.

A perfect example of this is Blue Coat. 80% of their posts are to articles from authoritative sources like Computer Weekly or VentureBeat that do the talking for them. Posting interesting facts or memes related to your brand will get attention to your brand on Facebook, as will posts with pictures or events that your company is doing. While content can be words, witty or smart captions go over better than a page of paragraphs. Hiring someone to specialize in your social media page can help you to get focused and clear content across in the best way on Facebook; although, this is not always necessary if your marketing team is on top of it. Putting up relevant posts is key to success in promoting your brand image on Facebook. While posting current trends or popular articles may draw attention, you want to keep your brand’s name and your services present in the minds of your audience. The layout of your brand’s Facebook page should be consistent with what you are offering. For example, you wouldn’t post a picture of a person in a coat if what you are offering is bikini wear. While this may be an obvious no-no, some brands miss the point. While trying to draw attention to their page, they miss drawing attention to the detail of what they are offering.

In Conclusion

Concise and to the point is the name of the game for Facebook marketing. Pictures, blurbs, memes, links, songs, and easy to read posts are what will get people hooked on what you are saying or trying to impart. Facebook is a great tool for companies to use in marketing their brand and if used correctly, can go further than just having an average website. With so many consumers signing in to Facebook on a daily basis and over 3 billion video viewers watching clips, posting videos and photos are the most popular ways to get attention for your brand. From moms and students to career driven individuals and travelers, there is a vast array of consumers to target, making it a fantastic platform for any business looking to get attention for their brand.

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