Plenty of people will sell you this fantastic dream, without really telling you how to do it. Does it drive you crazy? We Break it down and give you the good, band & the ugly of this evolutionary movement.

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So Many Social Media Platforms, So Little Time

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know social media is an indispensable part of branding. The major drawback for many business owners is lack of awareness of all the various platforms and how they work as well as a lack of understanding about how to best utilize them. Gone are the days when your only options were Facebook and Twitter. Also gone are the days when they were merely platforms for hooking up or sharing gossip and pictures of your lunch. (more…)

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5 Powerful Ways to Combine Social Media and Email Marketing

Email and social media are two of the most powerful channels for digital marketing, but marketers often treat them as two separate platforms. In fact, these channels are even more powerful when used together in ways that complement their respective strengths and weaknesses. This article will cover a few of the best strategies for integrating your social media and email marketing approaches in order to increase traffic, engagement, and sales. Keep in mind that the best strategies depend on your unique brand and audience—the right tactics for you may not be as effective for another business. Encourage People to Sign up for Your Email Lists via...

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Cindy Crawford or Cyndi Lauper: What Kind of Marketer are You?

Cyndi Lauper and Cindy Crawford, two 80s icons who are still going strong. Though their styles and approach may be completely different, they're both smart business women who've created brands that remain relevant and diverse 30-odd years later. The Tale of Two Cindies proves that women rock at any age. It also demonstrates that when it comes to marketing, there is no one-size solution. (more…)

Social Media Marketing Strategy: A Sweet Recipe For Success

Go out on the street, and you’ll not find people. You’ll find a neck-down generation where everyone is busy on their phones. People on the road are more like zombies. They are not at all aware of their surroundings. Everyone is busy with something. Whether it is Snapchat or live streaming, everyone is doing something on social media. The time is now. To grab the attention of those social media-obsessed zombies who are playing games, buying stuff, writing reviews, and watching Netflix on their mobile phones. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to maximize your sales and engage as many...

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Tying Your Brand Story to the Buyer’s Journey

Everybody has a story. How you tell yours could make the difference between converting leads and driving traffic in the other direction. One of the most effective ways of making a true emotional connection - the kind that earns trust - is to tie your story to the buyer's journey. (more…)

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