Website Audit Basics

Website Audit Basics is a process of assessing the performance and effectiveness of a website.

It typically includes examining factors such as site design, content, navigation, page loading speed, search engine optimization, and overall user experience.

Website audits can be helpful in order to identify areas of improvement for your website. By conducting a website audit, you can find technical errors, SEO problems, design and UX issues, and assess overall website content.

A website audit checklist should cover all of these topics in order to be thorough.

Once you have identified all of the areas that need improvement, you can then create a plan to address each issue. Website audits can be time-consuming, but they are worth the effort in order to have a high-performing website.

rocket, as a site speed concept

Website Audit Basics: Site Speed Optimization

Site speed doesn’t mean just having a site that loads fast. It means having a site that loads fast on mobile, with a small payload (less files to download means less burn on mobile user’s available data) and big enough buttons to press.

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